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Peter Pettigrew's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Peter Pettigrew

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Wow Long time never update... [11 Aug 2002|01:13am]
[ mood | calm ]

Well, it has been far too long since I updated. Last time was….. wow.. school. I am so sorry. I have had much to much going on to update much actually. All these things to update on, and no time to update. Funny how life works.

Well first off, I am working for my Uncle here in Hogsmeade, which isn't as good as I thought it would be because he isn't paying me. No. I had to work here because my mum's sister, Aunt May Time is Tottering me, and on my off times, Uncle Justin Time has me work in his shop. (That’s a Lot of Time). So between tottering and work, I have had very little Time of much else.

I have how ever kept to plans and met the gang over at the Broomstick every night now. Aunt May is kind enough to give me a few Knuts to get something to drink, saying "It's not fair that your uncle doesn't pay you for all your hard work. It's not your fault that you broke a few clo-- Anyhow.. I don't need to quote her, do i. Anyhow… So yeah, I have had a bit of time to hang with the guys. It saddens me that I cant really afford to get as much Honeydukes Sweets as I wish, but Sirius has been really sweet enough to get me a few things before he stopped by to get me at night.

[Privet Entry, Blocked form all]
Sirius has been the nicest to me lately. I mean, no one had ever been so nice. We were talking a while back and I think he was shocked that I could hold an intelligent conversation. Well a conversation that didn't revolve around candy and Quidditch I should say. We talked about everything under the sun and more. That was a lot of fun. I found that he, seems to be feeling like I do, some times. He seems confused some days. Like someone has hurt him badly. Like just last night, he seemed, out of it I guess. Yes he was so gentle still. It was almost like, being held by a troubled Angel. Someone, who is hurting on the inside, yet still wishes -you- to come before his own feelings. That's what Sirius is like to me now. I just wish I knew why he seemed so sad some days. Some times, it's hard to tell his feelings… he covers them up so well. Anyhow…
[End Privet Entry]

Sirius should be coming over to get me today. I think we were headed down to the pond for some swimming. I thought the rest of the Gang might be going, but from the looks of it, James and Lily are busy, and Remus and Clarice… well they seem to be more and more busy with each other now huh. Oh well. Perhaps tomorrow night… we can all gather together by the Pond and make a fire.. camp out even! That would be a lot of fun. But for now, I will close with a Good Night… and hopes of updating this more. Things are slowing down… I should be able to keep up.


PS: Uncle Justin says that my last test, I scored a 67%! That is a lot better then the first time! And I dislike Potions as it is! I should tell Clarice… she should be proud. I should tell everyone! Haha!
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [24 May 2002|09:10pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Not much to say really. I am free of Detentions currently. Summers has not been seen in a while, Snape isn't around, Malfoy has been pretty low profile, Remus, and Sirius seemed to have calmed down on what ever they were arguing about (which is very good! Scares me when they fight!) and I am rather bored. Cant go see Remus this month cus he told us not to. That sucks cus I like sneaking around at night with him and the gang. Save for the fact that it can be very scary but anyhow. Next time I hope. So… yes, end journal. Done for the night.

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What a DAY! [23 May 2002|04:03am]
[ mood | crazy ]


I so can't believe it and I was there! Well for the most part I was there. I sort of ran when Jarrith sorta yelled bloody murder and was crying over a peace of his broom handle. It wasn’t that I didn't want to stay and help Clarice and all… I um… went to get help was all! When I got back with the first person I ran into, We found Clarice and Summers on the ground huffing. Two Chasers fighting with each other is a funny site to see. It was even funnier that Clair was laughing about it while Jarrith was holding his face and crying still. He deserved it! It was great! Sort of… I still feel badly about it all. Though… She -said- it was HER broom she was letting me fly. I am…. Still confused on this part. Oh well. What's new?

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Hum... [16 May 2002|03:41am]
[ mood | drained ]

Did anyone but me notice Snape was not in Potions class today? I found that slightly disturbing since he never misses a day of class. Especially Not Potions.

Anyhow the day was long and classes longer. We have a test in Transfiguration this Friday. I hope I can pass it. Moony and them have faith in me. They say since I can do the one hard transfiguration (which is getting easier now to hold but is still hard!) I should be able to change a tea cozy into a white rabbit. Wish me luck! I will need it.

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Update... [13 May 2002|02:34am]
[ mood | intimidated ]

I hate detentions. I hate Slytherin's. And I hate Gum and potions classrooms. I served my detention today and it was just gross!! This is actually the 2ed one I had to serve. Can you believe that! Professor Eathday said I was late for detention again and so he gave me another one! It wasn't my fault! I couldn’t get off the robe hook in the show room! . . . and that wasn't my fault either! Damned Malfoy and Summers! Cus of them Professor Eathday gave me another detention, which I did today, but still . . . Gum is ew. I think some of those rat Slytherin's knew what I was going to have to do. There were wads and wads of nasty sticky gum under the tables today and I didn't get to use my WAND! Arg!

And I don’t know what but I think Remus is going to make me try and. . . stand up to them. Oh I think I am feeling faint! I bet he's going to make me walk um and demand an apology or something stupid like that and I just cant or wont do that. Maybe he's going to make me bite one of them haha! That would be fun! But I don’t know. . . Biting Malfoy might give me some illness that cant be cured. OH!! Oh no!! I would get the Malfoy Illness!! Oh no!! And it would make me UGLY and Evil and MEAN! And Ewwww !! Noo! I refuse to bite Malfoy! Heavens no! James! Sirius! Don’t let Remus make me Bite a Malfoy! I don't think I can do it! PLEASE!! Have mercy!!-------- I'm calm. I'm cool.

Something good today though! Mum sent me a care box! She sent cookies and brownies and small cakes for all! When I see the guys tomorrow I have to remember to give them there lil' parcels! . . . Either that or pretend I didn't get nothing and hide it all. Hmm. . .


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[OOC Note; please regard if you also play Harry Potter characters.] [11 May 2002|05:24am]

[Alright, we (we, as in the muns that play james_potter, sirius__black, wormtail, and remus_j_lupin) don't want to come off sounding rude, stuck up, smug, or anything of the like. We're actually really nice people, once you get to know us. However, there are a few things that are annoying us at the current moment...

We know there are other people playing the Marauders out there, some at the same age, and some at different ages - but we want to get some things straightened out. We have our own roleplay going on here - which means if your character belongs with another group that plays the Marauders, then stick with that group. This is just to keep things from getting mixed up, and separating different groups from the others. However, if you want to be involved with our Rp, then feel free to join in.

Not to sound picky (although we slightly are), we've found some pretty... well, terrible Rp journals out there (*Cough* About 90%), and we're honestly not afraid to tell you that you suck. We know we're not perfect, but we do know that we're a hell of a lot better then most of the other people out there.

-- What we're trying to get at is if you leave a comment in our journal(s), and we delete it, that means we either;

1. Checked you out and don't like the way you portray the character.
2. Checked you out and see that you are involved with other groups that play the Marauders.
3. Checked you out and found that the character doesn't fit with our time line (who'll believe -- and this is just an example -- Ginny being friends with the Marauders when the Marauders are only teenagers?

But really, we mean well. We're really nice - we don't bite too hard, or scratch too deep, or yank a big too roughly. Remember, this is all about fun, and even if we don't like you, someone else will. So don't get all pissed if we ignore you - just go talk to other groups and see if you fit in with them better. =/

The Muns]
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Arg! ;.; [10 May 2002|05:00am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Detention! I have detention tomorrow! I can't believe it! It wasn't -my- fault that the cauldron bottom was weak! It's not like I -tried- to burn it! The mess wasn't that big! I don't know why that ruddy professor is complaining anyhow. I -hate- it when he breaks us up into groups. I -always- get sat next to Roger Dots! Stupid Slytherin! Professor Eathday hates me I -know- it! He hates everyone! So now he says I have to do detention tomorrow at lunch scrubbing the gum off the bottom of all the potion labs tables! How… gross! And at LUNCH! Aren't there wizarding Law's that prohibit this sort of child abuse? And lunch tomorrow will be grand I bet. I'm going to starve I know it.

Anywho… on a lighter note… I got shoved into one of the girl's bathrooms today (that’s not the lighter note by the way) by Jarrith Summers (the prick!) but anyhow… that’s not what I am trying to get at! Did you guys know of this Ghost that live in the U bend on the jon?! She's a sad mess! Moaning that this was the -girls bathroom. I swear, I made some comment about her haunting the jon and she broke into tears. It was freaky! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Meaning you guys will love it! ;D


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One down... 4 to go... [01 May 2002|01:52am]
[ mood | hyper ]

Wow! Sirius made a Journal! He even got his up before Clarice or anyone! What a shock is -that- huh? And if he like's it, I'm so -sure- that he can convince Remus and James! And hay! If we (or Sirius) can get them to make one, I'm -sure- James could convince Lily to make one maybe! I hope. Sorta. But anyhow… enough for now! I want to find that last bag of Honeydukes chocolate shoelaces and see if I can replace the old ones in my Converse'!


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My First Entery [30 Apr 2002|02:28am]
[ mood | excited ]

Okay! I am attempting to work this thing well. I was hoping to find that Sirius, James, Remus, or Lily might have a Journal or not. So far it just looks like Clarice is setting one up!

No big Updates at this moment. Just saying that I have a Journal up now! And if anyone sees the guy's Journals… let me know! I think they are hiding it from me! Haha!


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